It's Terraria Meets Pokemon in Planet Centauri - Cliqist

Marcus Estrada writes: "Planet Centauri is a bit like other games you may have played (Terraria, Starbound, etc). In fact, it's a lot like those words because you're free to explore these vast 2D pixelated worlds and craft items, build homes, and fight against monsters. However, some of the more unique, and intriguing, aspects include catching and taming enemies ala Pokemon. One a part of your team, these creatures can then be used to fight against wild enemies."

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Beetey1264d ago

Here is a link to the Kickstarter:

As a huge Terraria fan, this game looks really good, especially considering it has a Vita stretch goal.

MysticStrummer1264d ago

Yeah I just got into Terraria and I'm hooked, bought it for PS4 and Vita, so this automatically interests me.

3-4-51264d ago

This game would be awesome on the Vita.

Zichu1264d ago

He posts his Pixel Art on the subreddit and it's some really awesome stuff. Love his style and it's amazing to see his game coming to life.