Retro 80s Brawling in Night City Assault

Serena Nelson writes: "Brawlers are a beloved gaming genre made quite popular in the arcades and homes of the 1980s-90s and Night City Assault aims to bring us back in time with a nostalgic trip back to this decade. Those of us who grew up during this period fondly remember beating the living crap out of our avatar's enemies on the way to some goal or another. Usually to save a loved one or just to take down some villainous kingpin."

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Thomaticus1240d ago

We need more beat em ups (side scrolling). It's a great Genre that needs some new life.

MRMagoo1231240d ago

I also love beat Em ups but this particular games art style imo isn't very good it's like a badly drawn cartoon.

ERFO1240d ago

I found it a bit clunky in its presentation. This day and age needs fluidity. Every encounter should be a mini Mortal Kombat battle.