Wildstar Confirmed Going Free To Play

Today, Carbine came out to address the many free to play rumors surrounding their scifi MMORPG Wildstar. This address was an announcement that Wildstar will be going free to play this autumn. Detailed within this announcement are all the things players can expect out of their model. With this announcement, do you think they made the right move?

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Zsharpes1240d ago

Do you guys think they made the right move?

nikrel1240d ago

I'm more of a fan for B2P.

Zsharpes1240d ago

Interesting. A few of my buds thought it would/should go B2P too.

Anthotis1240d ago

The game is probably on it's way out, so this is an act of desperation much like with ESO.

I'd imagine they'll have a population explosion when it goes F2P, but how the F2P game is affected with restrictions and micro transactions will determine whether people stick around.

Zsharpes1239d ago

If this was 5 years ago, Wildstar probably would have been shut down. Luckily, F2P has proven to be effective, thus it got a second chance. Whether or not it can maintain, we will have to see.

Blaze9251240d ago

Idk man its all about how much will they nerf lvling to make people buy exp bonus packs and stuff saw it happen in war thunder and survarium and many others so we will see

Zsharpes1240d ago

Sure will be interesting to see how they balance stuff with the cash shop + bonuses.

Terry_B1240d ago

Nice, will try it out now

ONESHOTV21240d ago

i dont even know why they charge so much for a game like this in the first place 59$.. terra was the same now it Free to play

Zsharpes1239d ago

Yeah I thought it should have been F2P at launch. Would have allowed it to thrive more.