The Witcher 3 Xbox One Patch 1.03 Expected Tomorrow; Bigger Subtitles on PS4 and More Coming in 1.04

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is udergoing a rather quick patching schedule, but the Xbox One version still hasn’t received patch 1.03, while the PS4 version got it between Tuesday and yesterday, while the PC version is already on 1.04, since it does need certification by Sony and Microsoft.

Today the developers provided more info on what can be expected for each platform.

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moegooner881241d ago

Game was fine for me until updating. Now it is a mess. Can't bring myself to play it.

Abriael1241d ago

Umh, those look like artifacts from overheating. It looks like the PS4 version, is it not? I don't see those on mine...

Nitrowolf21241d ago

IDK much about those, but it looks like it's only occurring when those guys explodes

moegooner881240d ago

Game was fine for the 60 hrs I played before updating. Ten mins playtime after updating yielded this, this is a game\update issue.

Bigpappy1240d ago

I haven't been hearing any complaints from the Xbox community. Came in here to see if there was anything with the X1 version that I haven't ran into so far. But still nothing. I have only played it for about 4hrs so far to get a feel for how it runs and how the gameplay feels. I was pleased with the game and will go back to it when I finish the other RPG I am playing. Will have to see if it is changes anything once this patch is added. I am sure DF will be back with more comparisons.

GribbleGrunger1240d ago

Try rebuilding the database.

HumanatPlay1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

Went PS4 digital on this one. I felt that way about it on v1.02 with the frame drops etc. But then 1.03 came and I began to suspect a possible downgrade in the overall presentation of the game. Its like the game is running on low-medium settings now to achieve a steady frame rate. So they basically sold the game looking great but not running to well and then silently proceeded to downgrade the game again while everyone is busy licking their ass and defending the shit out of the game. Is it the best RPG ever? Damn right it is, but CDPR can't get away with the flaws and deceitful nature in which they are handling the games performance and graphical presentation. They talked big about their voodoo technicians and now they are compromising the games graphics after failing to walk the walk.

Nekroo911240d ago

I tought you were trolling or just paranoid and then i saw this

The lightning was clearly affect by the recent patch

But the same happened on pc so im not sure what to call this

Haru1239d ago

of course they can! they can do whatever they want because they are CDPR!

1nsomniac1240d ago

Those are definitely artefacts caused by the graphics card.

I noticed after the latest game update the fan speed is a lot quicker/noisier on my PS4. Noticed it almost straight away. My guess is its pushing through more performance/overclocking & the GFX card is on it's way out or already performing on its threshold.

BallsEye1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

Woah, those framerate drops. Glad XO version runs perfectly smooth. If it's dynamic resolution that made it run 35-40 fp then I want it in every game that has framerate problems. It still looks just amazing. I'm playing on 27 inch QHD monitor and my wife (we got 2 XO's) on 50 inch 4k TV and game runs great and looks great on both.

moegooner881240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

Frame rate is fine. Frame rate issues have been blown out of proportion.

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Palitera1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

"The stutter issue is also on our radars. Working on it."
It should be top priority on their radar, not an "oh, there's that too" thing.
Optimization? Pfft.

Lordani661240d ago

Can't disagree. This game is so mediocre and it has so many problems, yet people prais it and CDP like it's god. This game has the biggest problem of stuttering and fps drops on every platform, yet they work on small things like little bugs, etc. This game was worked on for so many years and they couldn't make it at least 99% working? Look at R*, their games are close to perfection, they look and work awesome. If it was a game from ubisoft, it would have been bashed (and rightfully so, but it also should be bashed as a CDP game, people are so easy to manipulate by media and hype, they even won't accept the truth, that this game is mediocre, and I'm 100% sure this comment will have like million thumbs down).

RaTaTaT1240d ago

Like GTA V didn't have fps drops on last Gen hardware and online problems. Every game has its problems

Gwiz1240d ago

It's a double standard.granted it's a big game but it's
borderline Skyrim PS3 bad.

Lordani661240d ago

It was nothing like Witcher 3 on new platforms. GTA 5 sure had few fps drops here and there, but this game ran on a fucking 8 years old hardware, and the fps drops were very rare and totally didn't affect the gameplay and fun it brought. Witcher plays on 1,5 year old consoles like shit, it works on good PCs like shit too, you need a top tier cards in at least 2xsli if you want to play on uber with stable 30 fps. That's bullshit! Especially for a game that doesn't look like it's next gen, hell, it has Witcher 2 textures here and there, and it doesn't have to render that many elements like GTA has to, you know, whole big city, million buldings, lots of cars and peds.

WitWolfy1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

If you dont like it then go trade it in then. I've had next to no problems with my PS4 version what so ever. If you can make a better game then by all means do!

Lordani661240d ago


"If you can make a better game then by all means do!"
Oh, gotta love these comments like "He said something bad about my favourite game, I better tell him to make a better game" :D

You got it right, I just sold this game yesterday on auction and I'm getting my money back, so I'm glad about it. Getting bloodporn next.

the_dark_one1240d ago

Lol Bloodporn... Dont know if just a typo or you really meant it, either way it was funn. :-)

OB1Biker1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

I can understand if your not happy with 'poor optimization' if you want to go that way.. I agree it has a few issues (Minor issues IMO though)

But saying twice this game is 'mediocre' doesnt seem right there.
The game can be many things you want but mediocre.

OpenGL1240d ago

GTA V's framerate drops were not "rare" on PS3/360, they were extremely frequent. Even the PS4 and Xbox One versions experience frame drops.

With that said Witcher 3 performance definitely leaves a lot to be desired on consoles.

starchild1239d ago


What am I supposed to be mad about? The game runs at around 60fps on my PC and I have a gsync monitor so when the framerate drops below or goes above it remains very smooth. I also haven't had a single crash. And I've seen very few bugs for a game of this scope. The game has felt very solid and well polished to me, and it plays and looks amazing.

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Gwiz1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

Yeah,i'm totally done with buying games on release.
I can deal with errors and quest bugs and all that,but being annoyed while playing it is not something i would
recommend,and the journalists saying that games shouldn't be so broken and on the other hand still give them great scores.This industry is pretty much fucked.They can't even make remasters fully functional.

phantomexe1240d ago

There work around dont work if not one save file will load. Nothing like geting a new game and doing 30 hours of questing and then told nope you can't play it anymore until a patch shows up. That my friends is priceless. Whats funny is the game ran perfect for me guys i mean really perfect on ps4 and then bang out of nowhere i get off work go to load my game and was like wtf. It really sucks and i hope no one else gets it before the patch.

Azmatik1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

I feel bad for ya dude and all the ppl having problems. For me i have yet a single problem on ps4, im playin on death march and have about 5 days play time. Let me tell you though as with every new game release, you should be more prepared for save corruption like i am. I have multiple manual save slots and upload my saves to PS cloud so i do not lose my stuff maybe you and others should take the same precaution and learn from ur mistake. My only disslike of the game is the horrible character movement like GTA, when i push backwards it doesnt mean do a complete circle and take 2 steps!! Lol. Um i just read your comment again and the only thing i thought of was the warning telling you to create a new save file with the new patch to be able to play, as ur old file with old version is not compatible and that my friend would be ur fault If u didnt create a new save.

phantomexe1239d ago

I did man i had 4 manul saves going back 3 days and had a save on cloud. Lke you my game ran so good too i was so inpressed then out of no where. Can't wait to pick it up again "great game" really.

GreetingsfromCanada1240d ago

CD Projekt Red gets a free pass this time, but no more bugged games.

Maxor1240d ago

How can a game this big not be bugged? This game is not unplayable bugged, it just needs more optimization.

xTheMercenary_1239d ago

What bugs are people referring to?? I've put in 25 hours and haven't experienced a single bug, unless there was something i don't think is a bug that really is one.

TheSaint1240d ago

Is there any point in buying games on release?

So many patches and fixes still to come it doesn't seem like you're getting the whole game.

blackout1240d ago

And they delayed the game for what? They said the game was finished in January, but wanted to iron out the kinks. What do they mean by kinks cause it seems like there are a lot of things they are fixing. There's an old saying, "Money Talks & Bullshit Walks". At the end of the day if you don't no what the industry we love and give our hearts earned to is about then this will always be the norm. Or scaling a game across three platforms must really be a pain in the azz.

1240d ago
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