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"When Hatred debuted, I pretty much kept quiet. No one can really win in that situation, when the explosion of opposing viewpoints was at its loudest. I decided to wait until the finished product was out and play it for myself, to see if the controversy had merit."

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WilliamUsher1265d ago

Seemed a little harsh. If the game doesn't have anything broken about it and it's functional, is it really only receiving a lower score because it doesn't have any kind of profound commentary to match its violence?

Not saying that it should be praised to the high heavens or anything, just that this seemed more like a game being rated on not living up to its media hype rather than the merits of its technical achievements.

Also, it supports modding... so I don't see how that's a bad thing. The mods for this game will likely be insane and could generate even more controversy for the title.

001265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

considering this game site have been trying their hardest to censor this game I will take little of their consideration, games journalist have become useless. and from the actual gameplay I from YouTube it looks like fun.

Along with what usher said I can't wait for mod support.