Nintendo E3 2015 Predictions - hurry up: you have one year to sell us a Wii U

Dealspwn: Microsoft and Sony are set to throw down in a climactic E3 2015 press conference conflagration, but Nintendo are doing their own thing as always. Streaming their presentation to the world before showing us several days' worth of live gameplay, they're prepared to show us exactly why the 3DS and Wii U are worth buying, rather than just tell us.

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superchiller1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

They already had three years before this to "sell us a Wii U", but failed to make a compelling reason for a purchase. Had they put more effort into the design, and skipped the gimmicks this time, they might have had a chance to succeed this generation.

Sadly, they followed the exact same formula as the Wii that came before it, a recipe for disaster. Make the cheapest possible base console, with the bare minimum specs/features, and throw in a gimmick to ignite sales. I don't expect the Wii U to be around much more than a year or so, with minimal support even at that.

Maybay1291d ago


The Wii U is ''two systems in one (plays original Wii software disc).'' I can use my Wiimotes, and buy an adapter to even use my Gamecube controllers for Smash Bros. 4 Wii U. I can also import my digital purchases from my regular Wii, onto my Wii U.

The system's specs might not be up to par with the other two, though I commend them for trying something different. Every time I read or hear about "what Nintendo needs to do to win back its audience,'' it seems like people want a set of triplets representing the gaming industry. Sure, things like party chat, region-free, and achievements need to be embraced by Nintendo, though being too simular stagnates innovation (imo).

I have a Wii that plays Gamecube games, and a Wii U that plays Wii games. Point being? I like BC hardware, the Wii U offers a great amount of value.

Activemessiah1291d ago

Don't bother explaining BC to people who are willing to buy their entire previous collection from PS Now and call it a privilege.

FallenAngel19841291d ago

There's lessreason for people to buy a Wii U if it doesn't offer what's basic on other consoles like part chat, region-free, and achievements. Adapting the competition's contributions to the industry is essential in succeeding

3-4-51291d ago

Sell ?

Keeping it until the next Nintendo console.

Most likely keeping it for good anyways.

It's basically a Nintendo machine for me, but I'm cool with that.

wonderfulmonkeyman1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

The last half of any console's life is inevitably when it gets many of its best games, and since we haven't yet hit that 5 year mark that signals the normal end for a Nintendo console's life cycle, I'd say they've got more than a single year left.

Especially since they've explicitly stated that the NX won't be a mere replacement for the Wii U, on top of the fact that their new Club Nintendo replacement will be covering the Wii U as well as the NX, indicating long-term support of the system.
Hell, they've even stated that all they're going to do next year, is TALK about the NX.
That is not the same as announcing that it will release next year.
Until they say it's gonna release in 2016, it's better to assume that it won't release until the following year, which better matches Nintendo's insistence on riding it out with the Wii U thus far instead of quitting early and matches the 5 year cycle.

comebackkid98911291d ago

Sophistry my dear boy sophistry.

wonderfulmonkeyman1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

What you call sophistry, I call keeping the cart firmly and properly behind the horse pulling it.
We have statements lending towards Nintendo being determined to see the Wii U reach that full 5 year cycle, at least, and only vague speculations, most errantly based around sales, from people who want the Wii U dead and gone to contest them.

In this case, I would much rather be one of those that doesn't errantly assume the system has nothing left and is due to die early, over someone who is willing to lower it into an early grave for the sake of an as-yet-undetailed new console entity sheerly out of spite.

Hence, I say to you, dear boy: let the horse pull the cart, not the other way around.

comebackkid98911291d ago

And I think that's a valid assessment, but doom and gloom is only one point of view. I, and a lot of other disenfranchised Nintendo fans, want an NX.

dancerOfDeath1291d ago

quick Nintendo, you've got -6 months to sell me a WiiU! I expect results!

Summons751291d ago

This year: Splatoon, Xenblade CX, Smash, Star Fox, Fatal Frame?

Next Year (So Far) Zelda U, SMT X FE

Sold, no questions please.

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PlayableGamez1291d ago

I kind of doubt that SF is coming out this year, for one we haven't had any updates on the game for a while, and Smash is already out.

muffinbutton1291d ago

Mario maker, Yoshi's Wolly World, Devils 3rd (hopefully),

1291d ago
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