NCSoft Aims to Be a “Key Leader” in the Western Gaming Industry; Expanding Cross-Platform and Mobile

After the announcement of the release of Blade & Soul and the free to play evolution of Wildstar, NCSoft just sent in a press release underlining its new mission statement to position itself as a leader in the west, also thanks to a new mobile studio and “cross-platform initiatives.”

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Grap1334d ago

"Key Leader" "Mobile" two words that don't comes together.

miyamoto1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

Project HON to PS4 ?!!!
To compete with Titanfall and Gundam!

MS Gundam Battle Operation on PS3 Japan is proof that there is a good market for giant robot games.

Nodoze1334d ago

All those PS3 collaboration titles were awesome. Almost as good as Rockstar's Agent.

Timeless classics.....