Far Cry 4 Is My Favorite 2014 Game Of 2015

Stephen Totilo:

"I nearly gave up on Far Cry 4. I recently recovered from that mistake."

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i8urCAKE1238d ago

Like it says in the article this game is all about killing but for realz the story is just shit. A guy wants to take his mother's ashes to a mountain but that mountain is controlled by a crazy guy with soldiers ,really?

iSuperSaiyanGod1238d ago

The game was a solid 9 & hours of fun. Why you complaining?

UKmilitia1237d ago

because compared to 3 it was gash

iSuperSaiyanGod1237d ago

Twilight princess was total crap compared to oot, yet still an amazing game . Like I said above a solid 9/10 . I've put tons of hours in it

umair_s511237d ago

Solid 8/10 in my books, game is soooo much fun plus amazing to look at

1238d ago
Vegamyster1238d ago

Honestly didn't enjoy it as much as i thought i would, it makes lots of nice little tweaks over FC3 and the side content is better but the story and mission design was bleh.

Takwin1238d ago

The game was solid, maybe an 80 or 75. Not innovative or memorable. I bought it for $25, sold it for $20, beat it once and never looked back. It was typical Ubisoft, for better or worse.

WeAreLegion1238d ago

Absolutely love this game. Especially the level designer. I create for hours upon hours in that thing.

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