New Xbox One System Software Update Available in Preview; Fixes Issue With Disc Installation

Today Microsoft made a new system software update numbered xb_rel_1506.150526-2200 available to members of the preview program.

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fhizikz1292d ago

Does this fix the BL2 install problem?

WizzroSupreme1292d ago

Hope it doesn't take up too much space.

Satyre281292d ago

I am super stoked to see what the E3 update will be. Phil Spencer has said they have been doing little tweaks to get ready for a major update. He also said it will have many additions to the features, as well as almost everything we been asking for. Cant wait to see what it is!

DanzoSAMA1292d ago

maybe new dash with windows 10 for preview members first

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TRS_Gear1292d ago

I hope this update fixes the disk read error as well.
I swear it is a software based problem, and not a hardware. I know a few people who have had a disk read problem even since and update back in October 14.

fhizikz1292d ago

Yes it sometimes takes a couple try's for my xbox to read the disk

AuctionMYsoul1291d ago

It's so nerve racking.. Since I bought my first 360 all of my other Xboxs have had some kind of technical problem (I returned/exchanged 4 before I finally got an elite which STILL had problems!). When will this streak stop!?

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