Mr. Wizard confirms Xbox 360 will be system of choice for USF4 at EVO 2015

The recent release of Ultra Street Fighter 4 for PS4 has been full of glitches and bugs ranging in severity from slow menus to Juri doppelgangers appearing on the screen.

To make matters worse, the PS4 version is supposed to be the tournament standard. That may not be the case anymore if a patch isn't incoming. Joey "Mr. Wizard" Cuellar has confirmed that Evolution will be using the Xbox 360 version of Ultra Street Fighter 4 if the issues are not addressed.

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gangsta_red1241d ago

Interesting that the PS3 isn't even considered. I'm sure Sony will have to get a patch out very quickly, they would not want to miss out showcasing anything SFV related while 360's are being displayed for the actual tournament.

Eonjay1241d ago

Yup. I'm sure they are on it. In related news, I am very disappointed that the game was released in current state. I would rather have seen Xbox 360 at EVO and waited for a decent product. What the heck is the rush.

xActionBasturdx1241d ago

Ps3 have offline lag so that's why it's not being used was the primary a few years back

gangsta_red1241d ago

Yea, I remember always seeing a lot of western tournaments and youtube tutorials using the 360 version of SF4.

PurpHerbison1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

PS3 was phased out awhile ago due to additional input lag. 2-3 more frames I believe.

KwietStorm1241d ago

It's not interesting at all. The PS3 version has input lag, and no amount of sponsoring or promotion would take precedence over the actual tourney players.

Magicite1241d ago

x360 is already dead, so it doesnt matter.

xActionBasturdx1241d ago

USF4 on 360 is far from's a reason why it's been the main event at just about every major tournament since '09

Moldiver1241d ago

And yet the "dead" consoles version of SF4 remains the version of choice at tourneys.... lol.

PurpHerbison1240d ago

360 wasn't the main console since 2009. They used to use PS3s back then. 360 took over around the release of SSFIV.

theRell1241d ago

Has not been considered for a long time now.

TXIDarkAvenger1240d ago

No point in considering PS3 since 360 has been the choice for SFIV for a long time.

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WizzroSupreme1241d ago

Well, no wonder what with the 360's spot-on controller.

Ristul1241d ago

Yeah, that D-pad is badass /s

KwietStorm1241d ago

It has nothing whatsoever to do with the 360 pad. It's the input lag on the PS3 version of the game. NOBODY, I repeat, NOBODY uses that controller in pro tournaments. Most use sticks, and if they do use a pad, it's a fighter pad.

Avernus1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

Nobody uses the controller?... Evo winner last year, Luffy uses a PS2 controller, Smug uses a 360 pad (best Dudley in the World), Snake Eyez uses a 360 pad, though I think recently he switched to a fighter pad (one of the best Zangiefs in the World), and there's a few other people out there use the 360 pad.

It's a matter of choice, and what you rather.

Mikefizzled1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

Luffy won on a PS1 pad, actually.

supersonicjerry1241d ago

only person I know that is seen as a top player that i can recall using a 360 is smug. Some people are using ps1-3 pads or fight pads, but majority use fight sticks. Saying "NOBODY" is a big statement

KryptoniteTail1241d ago

Well, Capcom dropped the ball here.

Tetsujin1241d ago

I'm going to be highly upset because I bought the PS4 version AND a HORI pad to only encounter issues?!

I do like the idea it's $25 for all the characters and content, I do not like the idea of how buggy it is.

pompombrum1241d ago

I feel your pain, I went and invested in the HRAP 4 for Ultra. I'll get my moneys worth though even if I have to get GG and the new BB when it comes out.

Tetsujin1241d ago

Well the pad is for both the PS3 and 4, and I do plan on playing SF5 when it's released. No money lost however the headache I went through to obtain the pad and start to prepare for this years EVO is a disappointment.

Rookie_Monster1241d ago

I wonder if the input lag carries over for SFV on PS4? Interesting.

MasterCornholio1241d ago

So your saying that it's an issue with the programming?

I agree with that. It appears to me that they just ported fje game over from the PS3. I'm glad that SFV is being built from the ground up for the PS4.

Isn't that an interesting fact rookie?

Skate-AK1240d ago

I highly doubt they tore down the SPU code that the Cell uses, just to convert it to X86. It is probably the PC code ported over by a bad Dev. They are known for bad ports.

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