10 Things we want from Gears of War: Ultimate Edition

MWEB GameZone Writes: "Gears of War Ultimate edition is expected to be announced at this years E3. We take a look at 10 things we want from the remake of the original Gears of War."

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Sillicur1948d ago

Im exccited for this :)

lifeisgamesok1948d ago

The graphics in the 2 gameplay videos look amazing

It looked like a current gen game

Give me those visuals and I'd like a horde mode included but that isn't a need

christocolus1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

Horde mode....YEEEES

OpieWinston1948d ago

As much as I want Horde mode it wasn't part of the first game so I doubt they'd put the resources into adding a game mode and re-purposing it to fit into all the GoW1 maps.

I do hope Horde 3.0 is epic XD.

gangsta_red1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

Give me all the maps, weapons and gameplay features from the whole trilogy and HORDE mode.

The single player can just be part one but that multiplayer better be from the whole series or it will be a no go from me.

Clown_Syndr0me1948d ago

Totally agree. Ideally I'd like all campaigns but realistically I probably won't replay them.
But the online, IMO, needs all the maps otherwise it may feel like a step back as we're so used to some of the later maps.

gangsta_red1948d ago

Exactly, I seriously doubt I would replay the campaign. Especially if nothing new is added.

Gears to me has always been about the multiplayer. Part 3's multiplayer was an evolution in excellence, they tweaked, streamlined, balanced and made everything smooth for the multiplayer. I just can't see myself going back to part one's multiplayer.

The only thing I did like about Part One's multiplayer was the lobby rooms.

WizzroSupreme1948d ago

I think I'd really like to see the game in 1080p, 60 fps like every remaster should be.

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The story is too old to be commented.