Nunchez3038d ago

Understatement. It looks fantastic. I hope all those delays were worth it.

Genuine-User3039d ago

Looks absolutely fantastic. Should be done with The Witcher 3 by the time Batman AK is released.

camel_toad3039d ago

Im hoping so myself but Im still only in act I - and thats probably with 20-30 hrs of me playing. Loving it but also really looking forward to being the batman.

bmwfanatic3039d ago

Can't wait to play this. Preordered.

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Batman: Arkham Knight Has Been Rated For The Nintendo Switch

Ahead of its proposed release on the console this fall, the ESRB has rated Batman: Arkham Knight for the Nintendo Switch in a new listing.

mkis00767d ago

Stilll hoping the leaked rtx version is real...would love a ps5 version.

Christopher67d ago

I don't remember the game being that violent or suggestive in content to warrant that sort of rating.

Amplitude67d ago

haha it def was. There's pools of blood, a tortured body in that detective scene, swearing.
You're not wrong though - thinking back to the gameplay it feels like a T rated game where you punch people and drive a batmobile but realistically it was at least a little bit gruesome at times

mkis00766d ago

The serial killer pig man was a brutal story line. As was the opening scene when you turn on the kiln.

CobraKai66d ago

Very curious to see how Knight will scale to Switch.


Was Batman: Arkham Knight's Batmobile Really That Bad?

No, it's not the worst thing about the game, not even close.

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Immagaiden81d ago

I always dreaded whenever a Batmobile mission would show up and overstay it’s welcome