Final Fantasy X/ X-2 HD Remaster On PS4: Is It Worth It?

Nic Bunce gives his take on whether the new PS4 version of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster is worth picking up if you already bought the game on PS3 or Vita.

"What we’re looking at here is simply the definitive edition of the game. Is it strictly better than PS3 edition? Yes, it looks sublime and the choice of soundtracks is a nice touch. If you have the PS3 version is it worth buying the new one? Well that depends on how much you love living in Spira."

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DigitalRaptor2210d ago

I bought it, but sadly the RNG is fundamentally broken, and there is an annoying background music bug.

Otherwise it would be the best version of the game.

nicksetzer12209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

I have been loving playing through FFX again. I am going full completionist mode so I have a LONG ways to go. Also the res bump and texture upgrades are superb for an almost 15 year old game.

It is also nice to experience the game as an adult, it has a really great narrative and allows you to play as smart or plainly as you'd like. I was only 8 or 9 when the original was released.

eddieistheillest2209d ago

I'm having a blast with it. I haven't played FFX since the ps2 era.

DragonKnight2209d ago

No. It's not.

Visual upgrades from the PS3 version are minimal at best. There is no functional difference between the PS3 and PS4 version with the exception of one key feature that the PS3 version doesn't have. That feature is the ability to choose between the Original OR Arranged Soundtracks. Of course, the original is vastly superior to the new arrangement.

There's also the ability to share videos of you playing it, which for me is a tempting idea... but...

The fixed RNG and the audio bug that causes the tracks to restart after every battle are pretty big issues.

If you could get this as a free upgrade if you already owned the PS3 version, that would be worth it. Otherwise, the PS3 version is the functionally better version.

CorndogBurglar2209d ago

Does anyone know if they are planning on fixing the RNG and sound bug?

If they do that I will buy this in a heartbeat. But i won't spend a dime it considering the RNG is a huge part of the game. The music bug i could maybe live with, but that RNG needs fixed.

2209d ago
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