Capcom pulls PS4 Ultra Street Fighter 4 from its own tournament

Capcom has pulled the PlayStation 4 version of Ultra Street Fighter 4 from its own tournament after the game launched with a raft of issues.

The PS4 port of USF4 has suffered an embarrassing launch, with audio glitches, visual problems, menu slowdown and input lag all reported by players. Guile has been found to have invisible Sonic Booms.

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greenmiker2218d ago

If the has issues on PS4 version, it was a nice move.

bouzebbal2217d ago

lol i just bought it a minute ago.. it's downloading right now.. this should be patched in the coming days.

holysmokesbatman2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

There is a clusterf*ck of problems, it's not going to be patched in the 'coming days'
It'll take a lot of work to get it to tournament standard!

donthate2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

This isn't gonna get fixed with the next patch. This seems like major problems, and honestly why isn't Capcom involved more with this port?

Every game MS ports, involved the original developer massively. Capcom makes it sound like it was just passed along and hope for the best.

Also, Sony what are you doing releasing this turd marring the Street Fighter brand? Audio glitch, visual glitch, invisible sonic boom, input lag.

Ironically, this was supposed to be the definite version, but instead will be known as the crappiest version released!

BoriboyShoGUN2217d ago

How do issues like these get by these guys. Damn do they even test these games anymore?

HammadTheBeast2217d ago

They gave it to a crappy third-party dev to port over, that's what happens when you don't have proper devs on the job.

Kingdomcome2472217d ago

I don't get it. I thought everything, even patches were sent to Microsoft and Sony for final certification. This game should've never made it through that process.

Utalkin2me2217d ago

It should both be blamed on Sony and Capcom. I have no clue how this mad it through.

subtenko2216d ago

Well if Sony would have dont another "The Tester" we'd have more testers and wouldnt have this problem now would we!!!!?!!

I shoulda won!!!,psh I wasnt even of age yet...

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TGG_overlord2218d ago

Well, it seems like Capcom made the right choice this time at least.

Lionalliance2217d ago

Wow, how the hell did Capcom or Sony pass this without checking the game first?!

poppinslops2217d ago

Street Fighter 4 must be close to eaning Capcom a world-record for releasing the most versions of the same game... everyone probably just assumed that this latest one would work.

Hopefully the next version of Street Fighter 4 will have a smoother launch... 36th time's the charm!

Aghashie2217d ago

Lol. Ultra Combo Braker Fatality Super 37Th Edition Street Fighter 5. That's the charm.

oricon2217d ago

Sony was responsible for the port of this game. They messed up and it was funny because one of the staff on the playstation talked about how the game played smoothly before it was released lol.

hesido2217d ago

Indeed, Sony was responsible for the conversion, and they went cheap. But it cost them more in the end. This kind of publicity was probably not what Sony was going after.

Tzuno2217d ago

Because in today standards to cut the costs we are the testers and on top of that we pay up front :).

NicSage2217d ago

They need to just remove the game from the store, let current players continue to use it & then fix the came fully without a patch & place it back on the store notifying buyers that the new working version is up & running.

hkgamer2217d ago

thats definitely the sensible approach. however, i doubt sony would bother to do this.

it may actually be good to buy this from the digital store and then complain to sony customer service that this game is in a horrible state and you want a refund. not sure if it will actually work since the game does boot up unlike the other complaints i had when games i purchased didnt boot up. anyway i usually get a full credit refund.