Left 4 Dead Interview and Gameplay Video

Platform Nation had an exclusive interview with Doug Lombardi from Valve, followed up with some gameplay as they talk about the game.

Be sure to check out Left 4 Dead this fall, especially because it is Platform Nation's pick for Game of E3.

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solar3741d ago

can not wait to play this for my PC.

Arsenic133741d ago

can not wait to play this for my 360.

ASSASSYN 36o3741d ago

I can not wait to get all my friends killed. There is always one guy that F's it up for everyone. This game is going to have some serious laughter involved.

solar3741d ago

all 3 of us are gonna have a great time! xD

Phil Collins3741d ago

I'm really looking forward to this game.

Valve rules. Shame ps3 is without it.