UGO: Live from E3: Killzone 2 Impressions - Killzone 2 probably the best-looking FPS at E3

UGO writes: "Killzone 2 was probably the best-looking FPS on display at E3. I say that entirely from a graphical perspective. If you take into account that the game's single-player and multiplayer experiences use the exact same engine, then we can just go ahead and accuse Guerrilla Games of the black magic they're accomplishing on the PS3. The most notable feature during my hands-on with Killzone 2's single-player, is the game's impressive use of depth of field. At no one time was I ever able to focus on the entire field of battle. Pulling up my iron sights and unleashing bullet-fire on the oncoming Helghast left all other surrounding features in a focal haze. To sum it up, I really liked it. But it was during Sony's Killzone 2 multiplayer presentation, that my ears perked up and I started to wonder if this is the online title that may bring a number of players to the PSN."

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eagle213741d ago

Read this full article. Can't wait. :)

arakouftaian3741d ago

This game is going to be amazing toto be amazing

Bazookajoe_833741d ago

Please release the game, then i got something to do the next 5 years...

Owner360-PS33740d ago

This is one game that will maybe compete with MGS4 graphic wise,online will blow away MGO.