E3 2008: Mercenaries 2 Lets You Blow Up In-Game Ads For Fun, Profit

Sean Hollister from GameCyte writes: Over three years in the making, and with just a single month before its commercial debut on August 31st, we thought we'd heard everything there was to hear about Mercenaries 2: World in Flames. The game's huge. It has online co-op. You can blow $#!^ up. But while exploring Pandemic Studios' next-gen playground of destruction at E3 2008, we noticed something new: lots and lots of billboards, with the word "Massive" embedded in placeholder text near the bottom of each.

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MK_Red3766d ago

Holy awesome. The best Enviromental Destruction system just got better. This and Red Faction 3 will redefine ED.

Covenant3766d ago

Awesome. If we've gotta have in-game ads (and let's face it folks, they're coming), then at least give us the option of blowing them the hell up. :)

monkeybrother93766d ago

Mercs2 is the best game ever created, and none of you can tell me different. I bought my PS3 for Mercs2.