PS3 Fanboy Impressions: Valkyria Chronicles

PS3 Fanboy writes: "Sega's upcoming Valkyria Chronicles has everything a PS3 fan could want: not only is is pretty, it sports a unique artstyle, innovative gameplay ... and it's exclusive to PS3. We stopped by the Sega booth at E3 and was treated to a fun experience that will attract strategy and shooting fans alike.

The fundamentals of battle have us excited. Players must take out a swarm of enemy soldiers, and to do so they must be incredibly resourceful. Each turn grants players the ability to move characters around a map and attack enemies. Players must use each character's unique abilities wisely, as they only have a limited amount of turns to use before the enemies attack. For example, player may want to use a scout to move ahead forward and scout out enemy positions. Unlike other SRPGs, players have direct control over the characters they select; players will move the characters using the analog stick and must quickly find appropriate cover. Positioning is key: players will want to not only get a vantage over enemies, but they'll want to be in a position where return fire will not affect them."

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sinncross3741d ago

i might consider getting this, but i want a multi player!!!

lordxing3741d ago

Ever since I heard about this game, I've been wanting to get it. I think the Canvas idea is amazing, and not to mention the battle system. I've always been an RPG fan, but lately since there hasn't been many rpgs on the ps3 (I beat folklore and enchanted arms, and waiting for D3), I've been playing fps and action adventures. It kind of wore on me, so now this game will be perfect for those who are looking for a game that takes both fps and rpg into it. So I can't wait... now if only White Knight was to be released soon...