Dyack: No E3 > New E3 > Old E3

"When talking with the insiders at E3 this year, we saw a rather prominent pattern: the old E3 was simply too expensive, and the new E3 isn't cutting it either. Capitalizing on the show's old glory was a taxing endeavor, but the ESA's new convention format, while better on some levels, doesn't provide enough incentive to keep companies coming back. It's a rough situation, and Denis Dyack, friend of Silicon Knights and Too Human, would rather see the show dissolve to make way for smaller, more accommodating events spread throughout the year."

Via TheGamereviews

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predator3740d ago

I agree, E3 should dissolve now and make way for Leizpig and TGS

pizzas3740d ago

Hey Dyack.

A pile of donkey diarrhea > Too Human

thegamereviews3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

NextPlay is going to be interesting and I think it is early June or July

aubradley3740d ago

So how about we just have a medium-sized E3 then? Maybe 15,000 people at a new location would work. The death of the "New E3" will not be mourned.

Xi3740d ago

ubi days
Microsoft X08
Sony Developer days

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