Street Fighter IV for the PS4 is a Pile of Garbage

Street Fighter's newest version is a broken mess.

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nicksetzer12216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

Menus and sound I could care less about, but the input lag and random frame skipping during matches is insane. Played at a buddies house last night (not much of a fighting guy so didn't buy personally) and it really was unplayable, and I mainly button mash. I couldn't imagine how frustating it would be for the pros who very precisely plan each button press.

Cannot imagine this version being used for the e-sports games. Not sure whether the short deadline was the issue or bad choice of dev, but it is pretty bad.

I hoghly doubt the full repease of SFV will have any issues as it is being done by capcom. As long as they aren't rushed they have always put out excellence when it comes to fighting games.

pwnsause_returns2216d ago

Either way, it isnt acceptable. Im sure it will get patched, but thats not the point. You cant just release a game the feels broken, let alone, a game that came out back in 2009

We are allowing these companies to think of profits ahead of quality, and it just doesnt work that way. All of these issues should of been fixed before release.

s8anicslayer2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

We've trusted these AAA companies in the past but from what they're putting out is atrocious and some of these games are unplayable and it's gotten out of hand

pwnsause_returns2216d ago

hell, not only that, it costs us HDD space... Everytime you patch a game, its like a hefty 1-2gb patch... stuff like this should be pressed onto the disc before release.

DragoonsScaleLegends2216d ago

Hey at least it will probably get a patch. Saints Row IV on PS4 is still buggy as hell with random complete crashes from time to time yet not even a single patch has ever been released. I'm glad Sony gave us a option to send messages to them when the game crashes because it let's me send jokes about how buggy the game is all the time. Don't even get me started on the condition LittleBigPlanet 3 was at launch and still is online.

badz1492216d ago

CAPCOM and their incompetence of developing current gen games. remember Dead Rising 3 with its 13GB patch?

seriously, when they said they are gonna put more focus on remasters, can't they at least get their coding skills up to standard first? looks like, it's going to be a long gen for Capcom.

kinda worried about Deep Down now although that project has Sony Japan helping with it.

Blurmobjet2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )


I wouldn't call Other Ocean Interactive a AAA company. I am, however, looking up their email address so I can send a link to this article to them, Capcom and Sony.

That said, I do still agree with your comment. It has been kind of ridiculous this generation.

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Relientk772216d ago

Way to go Other Ocean Interactive

bOObies2216d ago

Just play DOA or MK till they fix this, they are both amazing and better than people expected. For the most part fighting games are doing quite well right now

RAM0N 2216d ago

Yep I'm playing mkx sfv will be the next fighting game i will be buying

dcj05242216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

Yeah I was never really into fighting games. But Guilty Gear was on sale, then Dead or Alive LR came out so I bought that, then MKX came out and before you know it my limited gaming time is full of fighting games.

KwietStorm_BLM2216d ago

Well DOA has always been crappy to me, and the stop n go combat mechanics in Mortal Kombat was never really my style. So I'm pretty much screwed.

Rookie_Monster2216d ago

It is all a plan. Capcom will come up with a Hyper Ultra Turbo edition to fix the lag in a few months. People need to relax.

mokkeyrg22216d ago

i dont know how sony could accept this thats a joke.

memots2216d ago

Exactly, Where is the QA ?
wasnt there any tester work on this?

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