PS Plus: Free Games for June 2015

Posted by Ryan Clements on May 27, 2015 // Social Media Specialist:

Looking for the PS Plus lineup? Well, you’ve come to the right place, friends. Please take off your shoes and stay a while.

This month, the lineup includes four games you can play on PS4. And we’re starting off big with Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes on PS4. The latest chapter in the renowned Metal Gear series sends Big Boss into a high-security Cuban military base on a daring rescue mission. Use new stealth techniques along with Snake’s iconic repertoire to infiltrate the base (and perhaps mess around with enemy soldiers along the way).

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Neonridr2252d ago

hmmm.. I guess I will pick up Ground Zeroes to get me in the mood for the Phantom Pain. But not into most of the games in the lineup this month. Oh well, there's always next month.

Xaphy2252d ago

Im so glad I didnt buy it I knew it would be free at some point before the release of phantom pain.

xHeavYx2252d ago

Damn it, I just bought Ground Zeroes a few weeks ago.

Yi-Long2252d ago

Ground Zeroes seems good, but I dislike the fact the original Japanese voices are missing from the western releases.

raWfodog2252d ago

I held off on buying it because I was sure, at some point, that it would be released with Phantom Pain as part of a complete edition package. Now I don't have to hold off on playing it. Good for me! :)

miyamoto2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

Ground Zeroes before MGS V....
so Uncharted Collection before Uncharted 4 is in order indeed.Makes sense.

I am kinda seeing grey area here my fellow PlayStationers.
Some clamor for free big AAA games offerings but when PS+ does giv it away for free some other complain they just bought that game.
I guess Sony cant please everyone.

medman2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

I bought Ground Zeroes right before christmas when it dropped to 9.99, so I can't be mad, LOL. It just sucks I don't see a game there I'm interested in, though I must say my backlog is pretty lengthy as it is....I still haven't gotten around to playing my psplus offerings of Infamous First Light, Valiant Hearts, The Swapper, or Never Alone.

bouzebbal2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

ok, GZ it is! i refused to pay retail price for a demo and those indies look sweet

OB1Biker2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

awesome month for PS+ PS3 is a bit let down though. Next month left behind on PS4 I hope :)

hells_supernova2251d ago

I was days away from buying it pretty happy I didn't now

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bunt-custardly2252d ago

It's a shame so many people didn't get MGS V GZ when it released or shortly after rather than waiting for this moment.I wonder once they finally play it whether they feel the wait was justified.

Xaphy2252d ago

Im a huge MGS fan. MGS 4 made me cry but I couldnt grt myself to pay 40$ for a demo or prologue or whatever it is called. I knew it would be free on ps plus at some point. Id say it was worth the way I always had other games to play and now i finally get to play GZ

Neonridr2252d ago

well I preordered Phantom Pain as soon as I could (I wanted that limited edition version). I just assumed I would get around to actually buying Ground Zeroes. But now that it's free, no excuse now not to play it ;)

EvilWay2252d ago

Why is it a shame? It's a damn demo.... No one should have bought it at all. They will probably add it onto the Phantom Pain anyway when you buy it day one or something

bunt-custardly2252d ago

It's a shame because a) if people don't buy games when they release then we'll see less and less new games being made and more remasters and safe bet rehashes.

b) Despite what popular opinion suggests (oh it's a $40 demo) the game is solid (pun intended) if you're prepared to go beyond beating one of the missions in 15 minutes or less.

MysticStrummer2252d ago

The definition of demo has apparently changed for some people. GZ isn't a demo as any long time gamer should understand the term. It's standalone DLC that gives you access to an extra area in the bigger game.

"They will probably add it onto the Phantom Pain anyway when you buy it day one or something"

If they do, then all the whiners will suddenly have a point, but it's already been announced that people who play through GZ will be able to return to that base during Phantom Pain and those who haven't won't.

_-EDMIX-_2252d ago

As a MGS fan...bought it day 1! Its a choice, if you don't like MGS that bad, its fine.

Some of us do lol. It as a small taste of MGSV and I liked it. Will download it free as now its part of my collection.


Well, I waited and got it in sale for 30 BRL (that's like 10 US bucks today, but I believe it was even cheaper over the US store back in that xmas sales), so I think I can wave in here... And I must say it was totally ok waiting with this game.

It's definetey a good game (or even great... for an apetizer), but it's not 40 bucks good. Specially if compared to what most people would be expecting for 2/3 (40/60) of a full Metal Gear game! It's just too short to even compare with a real console Metal Gear, it's very prologue/demo/single mission nature makes it more comparable in lenth and content with a single Portable Ops mission.

InactiveUser2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

I'd like to see the 100% completions from all of these "it's a demo" people.

Only 6.95% 100%ed the game according to those tracked on That's almost as rare as MGS2 & MGS4's 5.xx% platinums.

But it's just a demo.. so short ("10 minutes" apparently).. so easy.. worthless.. right?

Let's see all these 10 minute 100%s..

And still so many who somehow don't realize that prices change.. "I couldn't get myself to pay $40". Well could you have waited a couple months and paid $20? Could you have paid $10 for like the past half year? Forget the fact that the game was $29, not $39 at launch, you mentioning the price is irrelevant.

Xaphy, you make a decision and as factors change (the price dropping over time), you make no adjustment? You're a 'huge fan', but couldn't buy it at $10?

Taero2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

Are you really asking why people balked at paying $40 for something that can be completed in one hour (quickest, 1hr 40 avg)? Yes I know about the side objectives, but many games have those and are still longer than an hour...

You can't really include 100%ing the game as a measure of game length, many games include playthroughs on multiple difficulties for example, this doesn't make the game any longer, just repetitive.


Xaphy2251d ago


I have a xbox one, nintendo 3ds, ps vita and ps4. Youd understand why I wasnt in a rush to play it. I have a huge backlog of games to finish and I was sure I was going to play it before the release of phantom pain. Hadnt it been offered as a ps plus freebie I would have bought it anyway.

InactiveUser2251d ago

Again, it was $29.99 on all platforms, and the digital download version for last gen was only $19.99.

In the US:

And UK/EU:

Yes, $40 was the initially planned price for the next gen versions, but that price never actually happened, so mentioning $40 has no bearing on reality.

#2. Your source looks like nothing more than a pissing contest of wild claims like who caught the bigger fish. For example, the claimed times to 100% are somehow lower than 99.8% of people who actually 100%ed the game.

Right column:

So either only the greatest MGS players ever visit that site, or their speed claims are a bit exaggerated.

I'm not claiming the game is long. I got probably between 15-20 hours of challenge and entertainment out of it.

I'm just saying it wasn't a 'demo' and certainly is nowhere near just 10 minutes or 1 hour to beat. And the 'side missions' are different and just as much missions as the first one.

Your link's Main+Extra column, with a bit added to counter the pissing contest element, I'd say a fair estimate is getting 8+ hours out of it, if not trying to 100% it.

Was it a 'full' game? It was enough as a standalone game, like a prologue, and it was described and priced as such.

Demo $0 > Prologue $30-40 (ex. GT5:P was $40) > Full Game $60

Ground Zeroes delivered on its intended in-between amount of gameplay and coupled it with an in-between MSRP.

InactiveUser2251d ago

I understand backlogs and living life. I used to game a lot more in the past. Now-a-days I usually hit it hard for a week or two, then stop completely for weeks or months. I focus more and more on quality > quantity (so I don't build up much of a backlog of iffy borderline games, just the best of the best for my tastes) and I've been more patient for price drops, because I just do other things in life until they drop to a reasonable price.

My only other point to you I guess would be that Ground Zeroes has been worth a buy at least since August 2014, because that's when it was just $10 at Gamestop. But it's free now, so that doesn't matter. If you're an MGS fan, you should definitely like GZ and probably wonder why you didn't buy it earlier. For me, it was better and longer than I expected, because I heard all this same "it's just a demo" talk then too.

Bottom line, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is one of the best games to hit PS+. If you haven't played it yet, this month is a big win.

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SharnOfTheDEAD2252d ago

Don't be quick to pass off Skulls of the Shogun! That game is awesome for online pvp, also super exploding zoo looks fun!

Neonridr2252d ago

I am sure I will give them a go.

CorndogBurglar2252d ago

I bought Ground Zeroes in one of the Flash Sales for $6, so i'm okay with this.

Xman2K2252d ago

Why do people think they're so smart not buying this and waiting a whole darn year to get it free?? It was released for true fans of the series and to get them prepped for mgsv. I for one got more out of this than most of your beloved $60 turds. Where's the uproar for MKX charging $30 for four characters?? Yeah right

MysticStrummer2252d ago

I bought GZ twice, on PS3 and PS4, and have no problem with it being free now. The whiners are getting out of control.

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RedstonerMC2250d ago

The retro space one looked pretty dope too imo.

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orakle442252d ago

Yes, this is great, was just thinking of picking up a used copy of Ground Zeroes. :)

BiggerBoss2252d ago

Why so many disagrees?? Ground Zeroes is an awesome PS+ title, isnt this what people have been waiting for?

Anorexorcist2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

Why so many disagrees???

Because this is a "Slap In The Face!!!" to all the "people" (i.e. grown-up children) that paid full price for a piece of software at launch. Oh The Humanity!!! /s

I'm obviously not sympathetic to all those cry babies. Hell I bought Ground Zeroes on April 28 when it was on sale, and you don't see me crying and b*tching like a kid whose Lunchables didn't come with the CapriSun.

This just goes to show you that people here on N4G will always complain about something no matter which way it swings; Like right now a game like MGS GZ comes out for PS Plus: "Oh this is a slap to the face to me because I paid for it". A game like Tower of Guns or Transistor comes out: "Nuttin' but teh indiez. We don't like indiez!"

"Slap to the Face" God that is so goddamn cliche now. I hate it.

Neonridr2252d ago

I like Tower of Guns.. but the indies this month don't really appeal to me.

OB1Biker2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

I think many thought its not really a surprise (ground zeroes) but still its very nice to see it finaly happen

WeAreLegion2252d ago

I'll just sell my copy of Ground Zeroes for $2 and download it.

ZaWarudo2252d ago

Weak month for me. That Call of Juarez game is pretty good though.

Pastorfuzz2252d ago

Call of Juarez gunslinger is good. played it on the 360. Everyone should give it a go!

Blastoise2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

MGS is an hour long demo that's been on sale for like £5 3 times

Cloudberry kingdom was $1 in a flash sale two months ago

Futuridium looks like a more colourful "race the sun" that we got just last month

I miss the days when plus would give us games like Infamous, Little Big planet, Bioshock Infinite, Borderlands, Resogun, Dragons Crown, Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Rising, Gravity Rush, Soul Sacrifice & Uncharted. Now we get "Super Exploding Zoo".

inb4 "entitled gamer" & "complaining about free games?!"

ZaWarudo2252d ago

I gotta agree. Probably won't renew until i buy a PS4.

Allsystemgamer2252d ago

It's only one hour if you rush through JUST the story segment. I have over 6 hours and am still only at 36%.

yellowgerbil2252d ago

it is only ONE HOUR if you don't go and stack every passed out guard on top of eachother like a human skyscraper...
The game should have NEVER been a paid release, it should of been free like PT not 30-40$ so when people complain, they have every right, bet Kojima would of made it free if he could...

Dirtnapstor2252d ago

Yes you have a right to complain. But no, it's no one's fault but your own. Nobody forced anyone's hand into submission. Kick yourself if you're upset about where your $$$ went.

MysticStrummer2252d ago

@yellow - "it is only ONE HOUR if you don't go and stack every passed out guard on top of eachother like a human skyscraper"

False. Sooo false.

"The game should have NEVER been a paid release, it should of been free like PT not 30-40$ so when people complain, they have every right"

Your opinion, but I disagree. Should Infamous First Light have been free? When compared to their "bigger" counterparts, both FL and GZ feature the same game mechanics but content that's not in the bigger games.

Comparing GZ to PT is comical. PT was a teaser whose gameplay wasn't necessarily supposed to resemble Silent Hills, and it's length was mainly due to the weird and not exactly intuitive way a player would advance through it.

Dirtnapstor2252d ago

MGSGZ an hour long demo?.... Old rant that simply reflects you cycle through games without much thought. Obviously you didn't appreciate the preview of the incoming masterpiece.

generic-user-name2252d ago

Must be my imagination that I've put over 20 hours in Gz then.

SmielmaN2251d ago

Most likely the ppl claiming it's a hour long demo never played it. One guy above even used a website as a source so the ppl complaining haven't even played it. Most likely just sad ppl trolling on here.

2252d ago Replies(1)
MysticStrummer2252d ago

"MGS is an hour long demo"

There's much more than an hour of content in GZ, and it's content that's not in Phantom Pain so it's not a demo.

"I miss the days when plus would give us games like Infamous, Little Big planet, Bioshock Infinite, Borderlands, Resogun, Dragons Crown, Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Rising, Gravity Rush, Soul Sacrifice & Uncharted."

Compare how old those games were when they became free on PS+ and then consider how old this generation is.

"inb4 'entitled gamer' & 'complaining about free games?!' "

Saying "inb4" doesn't make those things not apply to you.

Majin-vegeta2252d ago

Yea member when PS+ started on PS3 there had been hundreds of retail games released on it compared to the PS4.So quit crying.

Ratty2252d ago

One hour is rushing through.

Six hours is pretty much the average time taken for doing every mission once while not taking your sweet time.

You can get more than that if you play the missions on hard and try to get 100% but that's not for everyone.

Most people can easily get 6-7 hours out of it.

TheFirstClassic2252d ago

It's true, ps+ used to be godly.

SmielmaN2251d ago

I bought the game used a long time ago after doing many of the missions and objectives it's more like 8-10 hrs if your not playing on easy. Not sure you've even played the game. Just because someone figured it all out enough to do a speed run doesn't mean that is how everyone plays the game. Heck, some god of wars could be speed run through too. Doesn't mean they were bad games. I thought it was worth the price I paid and I'll download it again for free to get back into the mgs story.

Honestly, do we need trolls in every article about Sony nowadays?

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