Sony Showing off Two Unannounced Games Behind Closed Doors At E3, New Indie Games Incoming

Industry insiders teasing new announcements.

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Brotard2258d ago

I hate the "behind closed doors" thing!

Palitera2258d ago

Usually it is necessary. They let the public reveal to the moment when they have a stable "showable" build.

Think about Bloodborne. It was shown behind closed doors months before the public reveals and the word is that the frame rate was atrocious. Think what could have happened if they had shown this in public.

I don't like it too, but I understand their reasons.

OUROSMAG2258d ago

It's judges week, the reason it's behind closed doors is because they are usually works in progress, shown for the purpose of exclusivity consideration.

Hellblade being a prime example, the game is still in development but nowhere near playable, and is being shown at judges week.

It sucks, but its a good thing.

breakpad2258d ago

probably Horizon and Molecule game ...i dont think they are smthing we never heard before

PhucSeeker2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

@Palitera : I think it's strictly business deal. Games get more publicity, sites get more clicks. It's all good. Though i really envy the ones who get to see stuffs "behind closed doors".

bouzebbal2258d ago

same here. can anyone tell me what's the benefit of secretly showing a game?

OB1Biker2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

Probably demos. Its better than just an official trailer and it could be like last year when bloodborne behind closed doors demo was raved about all over the internet . Also we could possibly expect the public demo to be at gamescom.
I m hoping for GG and Bend Studio games

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Sora_19942258d ago

So the hype train begins

Enyxodin2258d ago

It has already begun m8!

Dudebro902258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

Insiders aren't real. Including Tidux.

And wtf kind of info is this?

You mean more indie games are coming to playstation systems!?!?! Omg!!!! I never would of guessed.

Sony is gonna have new games!?! Megaton!!!

gameseveryday2258d ago

shinobi and tidux have mostly been correct. They have predicted stuff before. Fimrware updates, Uncharted 4 trailer, Witcher 3 etc. All of these came out to be true.

kurruptor2258d ago

Tidux is wrong often. He also never gives any details, mostly vague things that don't really give any information. For example in this case. Both things he said don't really tell us anything.

1nsomniac2258d ago

As above, Tidux has never released information that isn't rediculously vague & common sense or has already been leaked previously by a developer.

Anything he has taken a punt on he has always been wrong. Shinobi I can understand has got a few surprising things right, but Tidux, no. The guy/girl is a joke!

Ron_Danger2258d ago

Considering they said at the reveal event that there were 1200 indie games in Developement for PS4, why are you surprised that there are still indie announcements?

comebackkid98912258d ago

these "predictions" are like horoscopes. thuway and tidux are trash.

NeoGamer2322257d ago

Why is that a megaton? E3 always has new games. In fact that is where new games are usually announced by the console vendors. Megaton's are unique surprises or something that is over and above the other console vendors. FFXIII on XB was a megaton, Valve's partnership on steam with PSN was a megaton. Two new Sony games will excite the Sony fantasy but it is not a megaton.

And we already know that MS has at least six new games in development that don't have a title. Two in Rare, one in Lionhead, one in Black Tusk, and one at Playground Games, and one at Decisive Games. Plus a probable reveal of a new north American football game exclusive.

So, two closed door showings by Sony isn't a megaton. They need to show at least six new games between their conference and the backroom just to keep up. Two new games is just lame.

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curtis922258d ago

always good news that these unannounced games are already ready to show behind closed doors. I'd rather games be announced later, closer to release than announced 4 years before they see the light of day.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans2258d ago

Lmao this Tidux guy is nothing but a troll he always just states obvious inevitable shit that everyone knows already. Why does this site continue to post what that loser has to say ? As for Shinobi he's a bit reliable.

marlinfan102258d ago

Right lol about 3 weeks out from e3 he says sony has unannounced titles being shown. Wow who would've known.

scark922258d ago

I predict that there will people wearing suits at E3! You wait and see!

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