LBP Now With Violence

ButtonMasher has updated their previous preview of LittleBigPlanet after playing the more recent build at E3. The framerate is now stable and now added is the ability to hit other players. Violence in SackLand. They write - Functionally it also adds significantly to the competitive multiplayer experience. You can hit your opponents by holding down L2/R2 and then flicking the thumbstick quickly to the left and then as fast as possible to the right (or in reverse for the right arm)

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Nitrowolf23742d ago

i think they showed that you can hit a while ago. i remember seeing the KZ sackboy hitting all the other KZ sackboys in that one trailer

ThatCanadianGuy3742d ago

awesome..soooo..i can set up a boxing ring? xD

PimpHandHappy3742d ago

but i cant wait to slap the sh!t out of ppl who cant make that jump

SeanScythe3742d ago

This has been there since day 1. They showed it on the unvailing of the game.