Make Your Wii Respond To Audio

Pablot at YouTube has created a mod that allows his Wii to pulsate whenever any audio is made by the Wii

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jacen10004331d ago

interesting wander how he did it, yea another thing could some 1 tell me if they got that trick to work to keep the wii light lit all the time and how is it done

thx jason

Brandon4331d ago

you have to go in the message section botto right corner, then create message, address book, register, then you can choose wii or other device, select other device and write your e-mail and name, a message popuo saying that a confirmation is required(you have to do this while connected to the internet) then check your email and reply to the mail that request a friendship with a wii user, after a while the wii receive this message and the light turns on. if you read it the light turn off, i've also noticed that after the light turn on, if you disconnect the wii from the internet, when you turn off it the light turn of too

jacen10004331d ago

yes i have been havn probs because i created the external email to my pc email my wii is connected though wireless router and all is ok but i am not gettin the email in my pc inbox for some reason that i sent from wii to register each other?