Remedy responds to TGS 2008 showing rumours

Recently an old promotion resurfaced and was posted on major gaming sites and blogs and caused quite a stir due to a comment in the promotion which many people confused as confirmation that Alan Wake will be shown at the 2008 Tokyo Game Show.

Markus Maki, Director of Development at Remedy Games, squashed this rumour:

"The Microsoft Vista promotion referring to TGS took place in 2007, and is old news - we've had the winner over for taking the pictures already.

Sorry for the confusion and possible disappointment, but this was not an annoucement that Wake would be shown at TGS 2008. Remedy's team is just getting back from a bit of holiday and we haven't had time to chat with Microsoft on upcoming shows/showings yet."

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deeznuts5609d ago

Dang, so no alan wake whatsoever? I was so interested in this for PC back when, with this and crysis.

beavis4play5609d ago

uh, hmmmmm....i guess AW is a real priority then?

Jim Hawking5609d ago

Comment 8.0

This goes to show you, read the article carefully.
But as I said before, this March 07 contest kinda proves that Microsoft knew the game wasn't going to be out last winter or this spring. This fall at the earliest, and now that seems very unlikely.

AAACE55609d ago

I'm not really interested in Alan Wake... But for some reason, I feel like this game will be a launch title for the next Xbox!

But I could be wrong.

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babadivad156d ago

The story borrowed HEAVILY from the King novel "The Dark Half" anyway. Figured there'd be some sort of lawsuit but seems King was in on and ok with it.

got_dam156d ago

King is well know to be really chill with this kind of thing. And with official adaptations. It's cool and shitty. We have had so many low quality movies.