Voodoo Extreme: Warhammer Online Preview

VE3D: "Thanks to Doug "Keen" Lundberg who hooked us up with a Super Awesome Warhammer Online E3 preview. He's a bit of a Mythic fanboy, but aren't we all?

Adam concluded our tour with a look at a new feature to Warhammer Online called the "Open Group System". The system essentially allows for players in a region to mark their group as open, allowing anyone to join. Mythic is extremely excited about this new system, and as Mark Jacobs put it, "Open grouping is going to be that really obvious idea that everyone should have used. We should have used it... If you look at games that have either lfg commands or lfg interfaces or people screaming and spamming this removes all of that. If you have something that makes it so easy just like PQ's for people to get together, to group, to work together, that's a pretty good thing. I think when players see it they're not going to want anything else"."

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