Wii vs. XBox and why 'gaming' and 'family cohesion' should never appear in the same sentence (except this one)

National Post writes: "Nintendo's Wii is now outselling the XBox 360 in the U.S. This news is not that earth-shattering: The Wii is a newer system and is billed as providing entertainment for the whole family, while the XBox was introduced a year before the Wii (and so to some will seem outdated) and is geared toward serious gamers.

What surprised me more is the survey quoted within the news story. Apparently, "83% of respondents to a survey believe that the Wii improves family cohesion … while 49% said that the Xbox 360 improved family togetherness."

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Zeevious3793d ago

except for the ending:

"And, by the way, you're nuts if you choose the Wii's kitchy movement-based gimmick over the XBox's seriously rad graphics and compelling games."

Are you still allowed to describe a game system using the word 'rad' ?