What's Old Is New Again: Getting Into Retro Games

They're like flare jeans! This article is a pretty good guide to finding ways to get into retro/old school gaming without having to shell out for an old school system. But the option is there as well. Some would say games were better when they were simpler, this is a good way to see if you think so as well. What's old certainly is what's new again. There's been a huge resurgence of retro gaming as of late.

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titntin3767d ago

One word - emulation!

I play all old systems on my PC and have an archive of every single game for every single system - even machine I never heard of at the time.

If you'r not completely mad for it - just grab MAME and you can play the real arcade roms from your fave machines of the past - many thousands of titles for that one emulator alone.

Amadeo3767d ago

I know a lot of people use emulators, but quite honestly, what about the people who don't want to jump through hoops to play their old favorites? Emulators aren't exactly to get going as say an Xbox Live download. You have to download the emulator, then the games themselves, both of which you have to go on Google to hunt down.

ChickeyCantor3767d ago

Google is your friend, and now meet mister TORRENT.

However, downloading games does not make it legal.
But whatever.

titntin3766d ago

@ Amadeo

Valid point mate, a lot of people will be prepared to pay for the convienience.

But most of the popular emulators on PC require a simple click and have a full GUI front end with pictures and information to help you choose which old game you wnat. Couldn't be simpler.

AnthonyPerez3767d ago

Seems like an interesting concept is the hardware works as advertised. I'm not a huge fan of emulators. Maybe because I already hate playing games on the PC but I feel more comfortable with a good old controller and a TV set across the room.

PirateThom3766d ago

I just bought a NES from eBay the other day, waiting for it to be delivered.