Rumor: EA to Show Off Three Unannounced Games at E3 2015, One New IP

OnlySP: The rumor mill is beginning to ramp up for E3 2015 and so are the video game announcements.

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cbrcsg20011975d ago

I need a new Fight Night game EA!!!

AngelicIceDiamond1975d ago

This is why I'm looking forward to EA more than any other publisher right now.

Business wise they're horrible but game wise they usually deliver. Mass Effect 4, Mirrors Edge 2 alone is getting me excited.

Maybe Jade Empire 2 is part of that unannounced line up. One can dream.

cbrcsg20011975d ago

says the guy with the username "prettyboijay"

Kribwalker1975d ago

They are making UFC 2. I had a chance to play test it but turned it down

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Lore1975d ago

Evan Wells makes a surprise appearance, announces a new Jak game for Morpheus, then drops the mic and glides out of there with his Boots of Hermes.

WizzroSupreme1975d ago

I think you're thinking about the Sony conference, not EA's.

ThichQuangDuck1975d ago

If it was exclusive to Morpheus then people would have to buy a 300$ peripheral to play it

Kurisu1975d ago

I'm expecting Morpheus to have quite a few exclusive games and experiences that are suited to taking full advantage of the device.

ThichQuangDuck1975d ago


I fully agree Exclusive experiences catered to it,but Jak and Daxter a major franchise catered to it that is a third person game seems out there. We shall see at E3

curtis921975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

I predict a reboot of Dead Space. Called Dead Space. Because EA. (half-joking)

I really do think we'll see a new DS game though. Probably all new characters.

Agent_00_Revan1975d ago

I need me some new Dead Space! But not like DS3 please!

showtimefolks1975d ago

I am excited, EA under Andrew Wilson has improved. He is one of the better CEO's within gaming publishers

I hope for some awesome news from EA at e3

Benoski1975d ago

My guesses:

1. Mass Effect 4 (Or whatever subtitle it gets!)

2. Visceral's Star Wars game (Hoping it's a revival of 1313....)

3. Criterion's next game (This would be the new IP that's rumoured.)

Kurisu1975d ago

Criterion are working on that extreme sports game. The concept looked great but I'm intrigued to see how it looks and plays now.

Forbidden_Darkness1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

Yeah they have! Hopefully we get to see a lot more about it this year.

Edit: forgot it's set to release in 2017, so we might not see much of it at all :(

Forbidden_Darkness1975d ago

That's true, but still quite disappointing. At least they're getting quite a bit of time to make it.

Forbidden_Darkness1975d ago

You mean the new IP they kind of announced at last years E3?

Kurisu1975d ago

Yeah! They've been really quiet about it since then.

Kurisu1975d ago


If that's the case then I think you may be right about not seeing much of it.

Oh well. Something to look forward to in the future :D

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The story is too old to be commented.