10 Games of This Generation That Have Failed to Live Up to Their Hype

Fatal Hero: The excitement of a new video game on the horizon is an interesting situation. On one hand, the potential of an awesome new title is tantalizing at best but the pendulum swings both ways. Sometimes a new game promises the world, but when the light of release day shines on it, the pre-release hype is nothing more than beer googles, leading to a profound sense of regret. We decided it would be fun to take a look at 10 of this console generations most disappointing releases and relive the nightmare one more time.

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xilly2314d ago

It's a shame Wildstar turned out to be such garbage.

agentxk2314d ago

You might say it was it's... Destiny

WilliamUsher2314d ago

I feel like that's The Order of the day this gen.

Rimeskeem2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )


This conversation is Evolving into something I want to Watch

I tried

SuperRaccoon2314d ago

You guys are like Watch Dogs, nothing escapes you.

TheRealTedCruz2314d ago

All of these disappointments certainly brings out a bit of the Evil Within.

KeplerNoMore2314d ago

Not all of us have a Halo over our heads now do we?

Kingdomcome2472314d ago

Guys... quit your bickering. Can't we just strive for Unity?

Eidolon2314d ago

Ubisoft used to be a great company, I guess this Titan has Fallen.

BitbyDeath2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

I'm sure there will be a Division of opinions with some of these (too soon?)

Skankinruby2314d ago

Y'all need to accept it, gaming has EVOLVED and the TITAN has FALLEN. He claims he'll RYSE again but that HALO over his head ain't going away. It was always his DESTINY to be defeated anyway

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comebackkid98912314d ago

You guys really have a Knack for this.

_-EDMIX-_2314d ago

"Hype" is too subjective. I'm sorry but anyone can "hype" anything to full exaggeration. This can be said about any game EVER to release.

I feel most of those games lived up to what they stated they would offer.

MCC even with issues is still the collection of Halo games with MP in a new engine, not really sure how that can't as its exactly what was expected. Regardless of its launch issues, the game isn't that way today.

AudioEppa2314d ago

I don't base my game buying on hype, more so on the games I like to play, if I was to go by hype, I would have bought games like destiny or bloodborne. Everything a game does is what I expected to do, like take the order for example, i wasn't expecting something different when I per ordered it and I was happy with the end result, which didn't leave me disappointed.

It's nice not having to regret a purchase.

FAREEZ 2314d ago Show
Retroman2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

HYPE..... the "illusion of a thing not there " "Sucker" a fool who believe in the "illusion of HYPE."

layman term "someone over excited about nothing "

a Sheep