GameSpot: NHL 09 Q&A: Hockey League Revealed

Over the past couple of years, EA Sports has made no bones about upping its online game. In addition to introducing online team play in last year's NHL 08 and NBA Live 08 (in the latter case via a patch), the developer is branching out even further with efforts like the EA Sports World web site (which looks to tie together EA Sports games with social networking). You can expect that trend only to increase and the next place you'll see it happen is in the upcoming NHL 09.

In May, during EA's spring press event in Vancouver, developers for the annual hockey series promised a new online feature in NHL 09, one they were keeping under wraps until just the right time. Consider now the right time, as EA has finally lifted the curtain on the EA Sports Hockey League. In this exclusive chat with NHL 09 producer David Littman, GameSpot have got the first details on the EASHL.

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