Eurogamer TV: The Best of E3

Eurogamer TV writes: "Well, that's it for another year. We've had our moments of shock, awe, and the occasional cringe. But unless you spent all of last week sat in your pants and hitting F5 (it's in our contracts, alas), chances are you might not have caught up with the flurry of new video teasers and trailers unleashed during the LA showcase.

So, we've done the hard work for you and picked out the very best videos released this E3 for both the biggest games and the biggest surprises."

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Tmac3743d ago

Eurogamer is garbage.

RebornSpy3743d ago

You just say that because they gave MGS4 a bad review. I agree that it was a poor choice of reviewer for that one article, but I have seen many great articles and reviews from Eurogamer.