Too Human Reclassified MA 15+ To M, PC Version Hinted At?

Kotaku writes: "The OFLC's classification database is packed full of surprises, both sad and delightful. The most recent of these was not one, but two ratings for Silicon Knights' Too Human. Why would a game get two (or more) ratings? Most of the time it's because a game is released on multiple platforms, but not simultaneously, so the later release has to be classified separately.

However, this is not the case for the Xbox 360-only Too Human.

1) Australia has the same version of Too Human as everyone else;
2) The OFLC classified two versions of the game, with the M-rated one sent to retail and;
3) Both entries are marked "Multi Platform". Does this mean a PC version is on the way?"

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MK_Red3741d ago

it would be cool if it indeed becomes an M rated game but how on earth will the controls work on PC? This game was meant for two analogs.

Xi3741d ago

and you swing your cursor around... maybe?

Fishy Fingers3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

I believe all "Games for Windows" are compatible with any USB 360 pad. Just plug and play.

Although I'm sure the PC hardcore would manage just fine.

sonarus3741d ago

Its a 360 game...PC version is inevitable

Charmers3741d ago

I don't see why it should be problematic to bring this game to the PC control system. Seems pretty simple to me WASD for walking and using the mouse to look around. To be honest I don't know why they would bother to bring this to the PC. As a long time PC gamer I will steer clear of it, most console games don't give me the depth I want these days.

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Tmac3741d ago

Microsoft: "Nothing's really exclusive to one console...".

Shaka2K63741d ago

Everyone knows too crappy will flop just like ninja gaiden 2.

the xbox 360 hasnt had a AAA exclusive since failo 3 which was garbage lolz.

power of Green 3741d ago

Who will be working on the PC version assuming they'll be getting right back to work on the sequels?. There is a reason people ignor Cyruss's news posts.

Charmers3741d ago

Maybe they can get EA to do the PC port then PC gamers can whinge and moan as much as PS3 owners do about a crappy port. Oh no wait that won't happen if it's a crappy port we simply won't buy it, but we won't make a song and dance about it either.

name3741d ago

Well I don't think halo 3 ever came to PC yet. I'm sure gears 2 will though. The PC usually gets most 360 games, but I don't think that's what the PC community wants. They want more IP's specifically made for the PC. Microsoft's focus has been on the 360 and understandably so.

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