PALGN E3 2008: Spore Preview

PALGN writes: "There are a handful of terms that have become somewhat overused in the last few years of the videogame industry. Among them, none are more prominent than the word 'epic'. Every game and his dog now lays claim to the term, so it's no surprise that it's difficult to effectively describe the scope of Will Wright's latest project, Spore without resorting to the hackneyed term. But let's get this straight: when we say 'epic' and 'Spore', you sit up and pay attention.

This ain't your father's God game, like Civilization or Wright's own classics, SimCity or The Sims. Spore aims, no less, to take players from the microscopic and embryonic to the astronomic and intergalactic. From the primordial soup to interstellar conflict. But don't get any ideas about sweeping sermons on the nature of humankind or very serious lectures about evolution. Spore might encompass the entire scope of time itself, but it does it with a great big smile on its face."

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