All LBP user content to be free at launch

Sony Europe has told Eurogamer that all user-generated content in LittleBigPlanet will be free at launch.

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PirateThom5363d ago

Well, yes, they said only the best of the best would have the option to charge, so if you want money, better get creative and build a rep.

castags5363d ago

I think everyone is under the impression they can build a level and charge for it. Glad things are getting cleared up.

Nitrowolf25363d ago (Edited 5363d ago )

i wouldnt expect to pay for the contents right away anyway. i mean allot of people will need to get use to the creating thing for this game. But i do think we will be able to sell them after a couple of month. Hopefully HOME open beta will start by then. IDK im kinda of thinking this game is set for HOME beta release or something.

I believe that the ranks of your creation would count wether or not you can sell it. They have that online ranking thing so they can sort out how much it will cost through there.

bleachrulez5363d ago

is that your lvl has to be aprove cuz i would hate paying for something that sux

Shaka2K65363d ago

LBP Is gonna kill and be alot more fun then another generic 4 hours shooter like gears of war 2.

lordxing5363d ago

Well I figured everyone blew it out of proportion when SCEE said that you could charge for your content. I mean, you have to be able to prove that your stuff is good enough to begin with. And I know they wouldn't just let crappy stuff slip by, and so only high end stuff, stuff that'd you expect from a dlc on most games, will come at a cheap price, and it gives great incentive for people to create stuff well after the first few weeks.

Anyways, the greatest news is how responsive MM is. They probably heard the bad hype the pay for content was getting, so they made sure everyone knows it'll be free for starters. And the good news is it seems they'll be asking the community if they want to charge or not. Which is fantastic. Nothing like a development listening to the community. I see nothing but good things from LBP. Can't wait!