GameZone: Darksiders: Wrath of War E3 2008 Preview

The Legend of Zelda, a lighthearted puzzle-driven action/RPG, has inspired many clone games. Devil May Cry, an action game with adult themes, has also been bombarded with numerous me-too releases. The two will never come together officially. But if the developers of Darksiders -- a bloody hack-n-slash game with puzzles, enormous bosses, and a fiery horse -- have their way, this 2009 release will be the next best thing.

Big swords, bigger worlds, overwhelmingly huge enemies and a ghoulish batch of monster designs show where the game is headed. The architecture is dark with orange and red hues running up and down the walls, bringing that sense of Heaven and Hell (mostly the latter) to the player. When you pick up that controller and start hacking away at the nearest slug, the game's second influence is instantly apparent. The big, open-ended worlds, dark nuances, emphasis on aerial combos, and the overall feel of the controls were very close to Capcom's popular action series.

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