Kotaku and Polygon messed up big time with their Yooka-Laylee articles

Both Kotaku and Polygon are notorious for using misleading and clickbait headlines on their articles. But they might just have out done themselves this time. As they´ve written lies about Yooka-Laylee´s Kickstarter campaign.

Playtonic (the makers of Yooka-Laylee) could actually sue Kotaku and Polygon for libel and defamation.

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Majin-vegeta2863d ago

God I hope they hit both of these sites with a hard lawsuit.

Hoffmann2863d ago

I just wish that more people would stop to visit those websites.

Stringerbell2863d ago

Its funny with all the stink these sites caused last year- and how a good chunk of this community cried foul on them... Their articles both good and bad continue to get approved and produce a fair amount of comments.

Gazondaily2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

Well that might be the case but this article doesn't exactly produce it in a very genuine way when it lumps up the quotes like this:

“Right now, passionate, optimistic backers who want to see their favorite old franchises return to life are being misled right and left about the “real” costs behind a game” “Campaigns like Yooka-Laylee” “The amount asked for initially has nothing to do with the real cost of making the game.”

And then the actual stuff reads like this:

Not really a fan of the two sites myself but this article is just written unprofessionally and the points aren't even sound:

"I may not know all that much about lawsuits. But both Polygon and Kotaku has dragged Yooka-Laylee´s name in the dirt with their articles. So they have hurt the trustworthiness of the Kickstarter campaign. And i´m quite sure that you could get sued for that."

Volkama2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

Stringing together quotes like that is definitely a poor show. Except when cassetteboy does it.

This article will probably get plenty of support from people that hate these sites, but polygon's article in particular covers quite a genuine issue with kickstarter. If games that are already fully funded are taking so much of the limelight where does it leave the "real" projects that depend on a successful campaign to ever get made?

Maybe they don't get seen, and never get made. Maybe it does no harm what-so-ever. I dunno, but it does seem discussion-worthy.

Gazondaily2863d ago

Yeah it definitely does, i agree. It strikes at the heart of what kickstarter is actually about, if indeed it is true.

I'm not going to just derirde it as "oh Lolygon" as some others inevitably will.

d0x3602863d ago

Yes it is a genuine issue that should be covered. However they are using an age of a completely innocent game to promote this which isn't cool. It automatically associates that image with bad news.

A great example of misuse of kickstarter funds is Tim Schaeffer but they never mention him...why? Buddy buddy.

He blew through and wasted massive amounts of money on broken age and not a peep was said. So much money the game was cut in 2 and the second half delayed a year then when it launched IG was half a game the first was and it was poorly done.

-Foxtrot2863d ago

Whaaaa...both corrupt sites had SIMILAR articles....I'm so shocked /s

Why are these sites still around, it's a shame GG wasn't turned into something it wasn't so they had enough backing to hurt these guys hard.

Godmars2902863d ago

Because like a badly made game which still manages to sell, they make money.

Much of the reason GG came into being is because the income of sites like these is based on quantity of traffic rather than quality of content. Why they could say, why they thought they could say, that they no longer needed the part of their audience who actually read their articles.

002863d ago

they are just upset that no matter how hard they plug their corrupt indie Friends, they still can't get enough people interested in them compared to the likes of yooka-laylee and bloodstain etc. you know real indie devs who want to make games for the consumer and not their little clique.

Outthink_The_Room2863d ago

Yooka-Laylee was being made, regardless of Kickstarter. Same with Bloodstain. The Kickstarter is to show potential investors that they have a backing.

Instead of looking at Kickstarter funding the game, think of it like a survey. A survey that people paid to take, so they the developers, can show a publisher they have a guaranteed X amount of sales and should fund the project.

That's all these Kickstarters are nowadays. They are basically Surveys and Focus Group reports to show investors.

mixelon2863d ago

But Kotaku and co helped publicise and get funding of Yooka-laylee and bloodstained. They have *nothing* against these games.

Their writers are excited about them, even. and - they contributed significantly to both games through their publicity, so that theory seems a bit silly.

gamey2863d ago

That's a very reality-based thought process you have there. I'm not sure it fits the narrative though. Here's an example "Whaaaa...both corrupt sites had SIMILAR articles....I'm so shocked /s Why are these sites still around, it's a shame GG wasn't turned into something it wasn't so they had enough backing to hurt these guys hard.".-Foxtrot. Now THAT'S the kind of hard-hitting incisive comment that generates the applause around these here parts.

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