The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review – Monster Hunting Masterpiece

Lazygamer says, "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an impeccable role-playing game, and one of the finest games ever created. Whether it's as large as tracking the Wild Hunt or as small as delivering a love letter, The Witcher 3 makes Geralt's actions count in the most incredible ways - creating a world begging to be explored for countless hours on end."

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GavinMannion1398d ago

It's Geralt... which kills me and I always get it wrong

GavinMannion1398d ago

This is the first RPG that I've actually started to get into

HairyKnees1398d ago

I want to play this so badly! Gotta play the first two still though :/

Mariusmssj1398d ago

They are really good. My GF is playing the first one and she is loving it!

daBUSHwhaka1398d ago

Enjoying this so much but the more I play the more bugs seem to appear.Xbox patch coming soon I hope.

dragon821398d ago

Game is butter smooth for me on PS4. Maybe the reviewers haven't seen this lag?

iistuii1397d ago

Yeah I agree, it's annoying as hell, but they are used to it on consoles. like this guy says, that is butter smooth to people believe it or not.

Cra2yey31397d ago

It isn't butter smooth but it isn't shit either...