PALGN: Beijing 2008 Review

PALGN writes: "For years now we've gotten a 'new' Olympics game designed to cash in on the quad-annual event. The last Olympics Game Athens 2004 was a solid title, that ultimately lacked innovation. In fact, Athens 2004 was much like any other Olympics Game before it. Well, now we've entered the next generation and Eurocom and Sega have teamed up to release Beijing 2008 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Is this partnership a gold medal or best described as an athlete that has failed to qualify?

Just so we're clear, Beijing 2008 is a button mashing game. Yes, much like every other Olympics Game, the main objective in most of the events is to quickly push A and B. This is mixed up with events such as shotput, which are controlled a little differently (there are different requirements, but they generally require you to push the correct button at the correct time). Nonetheless, it's imperative that potential purchasers realise that Beijing 2008 doesn't contain any innovations in the control department. The controls really do let Beijing 2008 down; pushing A and B in quick succession may seem easy enough, but after fifteen minutes you'll probably put the controller down in agony, swearing off the game for life."

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