Why E3 should be held every four years

"E3 should be like the Olympics and presidential elections. That's right -- it shouldn't be a yearly show where press is ushered around San Francisco and made to listen to barely entertaining conferences from companies that like to massage their egos and try to show how compelling their products are. Instead, E3 should be the gaming event every four years that highlights the major developments in the gaming space and leaves the extra garbage to shows like the Tokyo Game Show or the Game Developers' Conference."

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Vip3r3767d ago

No it shouldn't. E3 is a great way of showing off games and hardware. Plus it keeps the industry going in the sense that people will still stay interested in it than if it got no attention at all.

deeznuts3767d ago

Bring back the booth babes. Then it can be yearly, monthly weekly I don't care, bring back the babes!

Hagaf223767d ago

if it was held every four years you would see new consoles every show or every other show... lame. its not the best thing for the industry, but e3 is a good way to get new info out.

JustinSaneV23767d ago

deeznuts speaks words of wisdom!


freakyzeeky3767d ago

I rather that it stays annual, kthxbye

Harry1903767d ago

World Cup? No. Ah sorry,I don't want to read the article. I am basing my opinion only on the title right now. Tiny URL?

I can hardly go 1 day without having news,now 4 years?

proArchy3767d ago

E3 should be a week long yearly event starting on a Friday and lasting until the following Wednesday. The expo should be open to the public and press over the weekend, and open to exclusively the press during the weekdays. The rate of development cycles is 1-2 years depending on the size of the game so yearly makes sense.

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The story is too old to be commented.