Hands-on: Resident Evil 5

That's not to say that everything is a carbon-copy of RE4. Your new partner is far more interesting and helpful than Ashley could ever hope to be. Seeing her capably work through the non-zombies is refreshing -- having her give you ammo when you're low is incredibly helpful. The graphics engine runs incredibly smoothly on the PS3, rendering dozens of detailed enemies at high resolution without a hitch in the framerate. The destructible environments and beautiful explosive and fire effects add to the immersion. One must also point out the fantastic sound design: the sounds of enemies crashing through windows as they circle around you easily brings out the goosebumps.

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JokerSGS3768d ago

This is stupid. You didn't get hit once because the demo is meant for you to explore and enjoy the game rather than struggle like you normally will when you actually purchase the retail version.

REDZEV3768d ago

cannot wait!!! It will be amazing year for games next year thats for sure!!!