Too Human, played the demo and loved it plays the Too Human demo and loves every minute of it.

From the article: "While this demo has been out for about a week now, I just got my Xbox 360, aka my off-white albino turd, back from it's Texas repair center. After playing my old favorites, I went online to pick up the latest demos and Silicon Knights' Too Human Demo was there, waiting for me. Everybody has heard all about Too Human and it's tales of woe. We've heard that it's been in development for 10 years. That people hated on it's first showing at E3 2006. How about Silicon Knights suing Epic over the Too Human engine issues. Who could forget the latest gossip about Dennis Dyak going after moron forum trolls on NeoGaf.

Yes, the game has a ton of baggage, but, ya know what? The demo is pretty friggin' good. I am now genuinely excited for this game. I'll explain, after the jump."

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dachiefsman3767d ago

yea i had fun with the berserker and defender classes. i am still picking the game up.

Doppy3767d ago

I guess this is another Assassin's Creed meaning it's a love it hate it game. I like the game, but it does get a little repetitive.

Monchichi0253767d ago

I'm kinda indifferent about this game at this point. Don't get me wrong, I was really looking forward to this game but now I'm not sure and I can tell you EXACTLY why!

It's the whole control thing. I mean, as 360 gamers we have gotten accustomed to certain buttons ALWAYS doing the same actions in certain games. But in Too Human, this is not the case. I mean the right stick, doesn't control the camera!!!

I guess there is just a huge learning curve when playing this game that I don't know if I want to get usto.

But that being said, the game looks really good if you can go thru that learning curve. Maybe I'll give the demo a couple more tries to see if it can work for me.

ry-guy3767d ago

There is always a learning curve with every game. I don't think Too Human's is too steep. It is just right for a game with a different controller setup.

Take Halo 3 for instance. It took me a while to get used to using RB for my reload instead of X. I kept throwing out my special items instead of reloading. It sucked for a while but when you get used to new controls then you start to enjoy a game much more.

ThaGeNeCySt3767d ago

how'd you choose the Defender class? I was only able to unlock Berzerker and Commando

dan-boy3767d ago

i was apprehensive after what have now turned out to be overly harsh reviews.

the game is very good, the graphics are nice, and it's a day one purchase for me...i cant wait to hit the co-op either!

i'm just gonna peek in the open zone to see the fanboys who dont have a 360 hate another quality game

mistertwoturbo3767d ago

"I mean the right stick, doesn't control the camera!!! "

It would seriously depend on how the camera angles are locked by the developer. If done right, the right analog stick for camera movement may not big that big of an issue.

God of War 1 and 2 for example. Those games had locked camera angles but was never a problem.

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JSA-Gamer3767d ago

the Berzerker Effing rocks...

mesh13767d ago

the beserker is the class i will play he is a beast this game is very good.

pumpkinpunker3767d ago

Because of the mixed previews I wasn't expecting much but this demo pleasently surprised me.

gazza3767d ago

Is that all you can manage? I played it and it rocks, do you own a ps3 by any chance?

Harry1903767d ago

Frabkly there is no reason to bash the game amigo. Let it do the talking for itself. If it's bad,it's bad,if good,good. Let it be.

zornik3767d ago

I like the takes some time to discover what Silicon Knights are trying to do with Too Human.
No mass market game but it can become a special game for those who like this sort of thing.

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