Yoda, Vader may become downloadable in Soulcalibur IV

In the most recent issue of Game Informer, a representative with Namco Bandai hinted that Yoda may become downloadable for the PlayStation 3, and Vader the 360. While this has been rumored for some time, this is the first time anyone at Namco has acknowledged the possibility.

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rCrysis3745d ago

at least we know sales aren't contributed by the fact that Yoda is only in the 360 version and Vader is only in the PS3 version.

and it's a win-win for all console owners

spunnups3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

the Playstation 3 actually has a usable D-Pad, Unless the 360's which is absolutely useless. I press up, I go right. Ok so up is right, I press up again , thinking Im gonna go right, then I go left. What a piece of crap that D-Pad is. You cant play a fighter like this without a usable D-Pad.

Megatron083745d ago

The ps D pad are not any better. Capcom note that they cant get SF2 HD to work worth crap on either system cause of the D pads. They are both so god awful that it making the game almost unplayable

okcomputer3745d ago

The special characters didn't really sway my purchase either way (even though vader > yoda imo) the playstation d pad is what sealed the deal for me. Usually I get multiplayer games for my 360 b/c of live, but the 360 pad would be an absolute nightmare for a fighting game like sc, so it isn't even an issue. ps3 version for me on day one.

incogneato3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

I would prefer that they left it the way it is so each version can have its own little identity.

And the PS3 d-pad is just fine, the 360's is broken.

Delive3745d ago

Vader will outsell Yoda 20 to 1. Mace Windu or Luke would have been better. 360 will get a cool DL, PS3 will get Yoda.

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Sangria3745d ago

I guess it will be charged DLC, otherwise, what is the using for putting "exclusive" characters if we can download them freely?
That starts to make me sick.

s8anicslayer3745d ago

see what happens when ms cries that their being cheated,since everyone knows the ps3 was getting the better of the deal with lord vader!

Jack Meahoffer3745d ago

This was going to happen no matter what from the beginning. Its called business marketing. It has nothing to do with MS or Sony "crying" like you dream about in your console war soap opera fruity mind.

Megatron083745d ago

Lol Lord Varder could barely even walk let alone fight. Yoder on the other had 2 kickass fights. Plus Yoder style seem to fit the SC games more then Varders would. Tho it is likely they charge the way he fights and moves dramatically to fit the game and to make up for the fact that he had no fighting skills at all in the movies. If they had of put Darth Maul on the ps3 then ps3 fanboys have something to brag about. Maybe they will add Darh Maul as part of the DLC

Darrius Cole3745d ago

This was no accident. If I were Microsoft, I would want Yoda on the disc because that way I get to SELL Vader as DLC to all of my Xbox live customers. Xbox live users have proven that they are willing to pay for all things online. So I would chose to sell them what they really want.

On the flip side, Sony needs more incentive to sell the game disc. So I would put Vader on the disc. Everyone who is impartial to the consoles is going to say, "I simply must kill someone with Darth Vader" and buy the PS3 version because Vader is on the disc.

This is the way they both need it. Besides, Vader is black, and Yoda is green

Nevers3745d ago

I'll buy Vader for a few hundred points. No more than I'd pay for an action figure tho.. 200pts Glad to have the option of getting both.

kornbeaner3745d ago

See thats the issue with DLC, gamers like yourself willfully spend money on content that should be free after a set time. Unless Yoda is free for the PS3 I'm not going to be downloading the character.

It makes no sense, I believe after 1-2 months each character should be free for the different platform.

Now if they were to give an all new brand new character that can only be had on a certain platform, i.e. Master chief, Marcus from gears, Cloud or Kratos, then I see some sort of justification other then that no, they should be free after a set time.

Megatron083745d ago

Why would Cloud be an exclusive ? Especially after just announcing FF is going multi. Someone like Jax (ya he sux but couldnt think of anyone else right off) be more fitting for a ps exclusive

kornbeaner3745d ago

only FF13 went Multi-platform. Sony owns the publishing rights to FF7 on console. There for Cloud being from a Sony published game would be exclusive to the PS3.

Nevers3745d ago

Is for the price of a cup of coffee I would by Vader... I'd rather buy a pack of multiple playable chars that Vader is in =)

I agree that if you're paying to unlock something that ships with the game that's wrong.

Doubt I even will get this game anyway ... I wanted it, but I doubt I'll find the time for it.

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vhero3745d ago

It's possible DUH!!!!! we all know it is but it won't happen and well if it did its gonna be about 6 months down the line not near launch as right now they are trying to get people with multiple consoles to buy 2 versions of the game like with Soul Calibur 2.

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