TGR: Extra Life: The Need for E3

"It seems that for the past few years, people within the industry discuss E3 as if the event is on its deathbed. To be fair, last year, upon hearing both developers and journalist alike discuss the format and layout in Santa Monica, I was reading the event its last rites myself. But for all the yearly bellyaching about E3, and for every Denis Dyack proclaiming it needs to die, there's a simple truth every journalist, publisher, and developer knows is true in the back of their minds.

The industry needs E3's survival. Because of that I'm already planning ahead for my first ever trip in 2009. "

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cain1413745d ago

I was at E3 this year, and while it felt smaller than I expected, I still enjoyed myself.

thegamereviews3745d ago

I think they can survive, unless someone else steps up. I heard about a show called NextPlay?

Relin3745d ago

I hadn't thought about E3 in that way before, as a positive draw for mainstream media. If E3 goes down, there's gonna need to be another show that steps up to accommodate more press, but with GDC welcoming less press, who's it gonna be? PAX? Liepzig? The Tokyo Game Show?

cain1413745d ago

I saw just as many people from outlets like CNN, USA Today and Forbes as I did IGN and Gamespot...

That may just be because I'm blind and didn't see the horde of writers hidden the back room, but there were a lot of no traditional gaming media covering the event.

aubradley3745d ago

I disagree entirely, E3 has become the laughing stock of the industry and is all but dead and buried. When it was huge it was impossible to get any work done, now it's so small the publishers don't want to show. A better solution would be a mid-sized show in a new venue like Vegas, that I think I could get behind.

cain1413745d ago

Yeah, I personally can't see the show lasting much longer with out some major changes...

Nick27283745d ago

But I don't think those changes will be coming without a renewed interest and with more and more big developers deciding not to attend the conference the E3 organizers will have to pull something amazing out their hat to do that. I don't think, however ,that they can pull it off with the level of attention they have at the moment: E3 has gone beyond the event horizon so to speak.

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