Casual games industry to Connect in Seattle next week

While execs from the core games industry are today jetting back home after a perhaps lackluster showing at the E3 expo in Los Angeles, a number of other execs are turning their attentions to next week's Casual Connect event in Seattle.

Put together by the Casual Games Association, the event runs from July 23rd to 25th at Benaroya Hall in Seattle.

Key leaders from a raft of companies are in attendance to to hold keynote talks, attend panel discussions and network with others in the casual games space.

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deeznuts3744d ago

Right next to Ninty America and MS!

Question remains, if you hold a casual game convention, and a gamer shows up, doesn't that gamer automatically disqualify as a casual gamer?

magyars10663743d ago

I suppose it's just a case of finding 'hardcore' casual gamers ;-)