WorthPlaying Preview - Dead Space

WorthPlaying writes: "Survival horror's a genre in transition. It began as a sort of half-assed, 3-D subcategory of adventure games, and while the involved technology changed, many of the tropes didn't. From 1996 to 2006, you were still using tank-style controls to steer some luckless chump through a terrible situation.

Resident Evil 4, while not really horror by any stretch of the imagination, reinvented the genre while also giving action games a good swift kick in the ass. Dead Space is the first post-RE4 survival horror game, but unlike RE4, it actually is horror; it is designed to scare you.

The problem with that, naturally, is that it's also just the kind of game you don't want to see at E3 because survival horror thrives on immersion. It works best when it's you, a couple of like-minded friends, the controller, and a dark room. When it's you, at least 12 random jackholes from 12 random countries, an enthusiastic producer, and a well-lit room full of television screens and babbling journalists, you could not ruin the game more thoroughly without shooting the console."

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