Battlefield 4 Spring Update out May 26th

Hot (cold?) on the heels of the Winter Update, we are back once again with a huge Battlefield 4 update. We are definitely not done with providing more awesome content. As previously mentioned, there are 5 new weapons incoming as well as a full weapons balance pass and the return of the party mode “Gun Master”, and what would an update be without some netcode improvements? There is of course a lot more that you will have the chance to read about once we publish the patch notes, so stay tuned for that.

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Agent_hitman2387d ago

Here's hoping that EA would announce or release some teaser for BF5

Pandamobile2387d ago

Not likely at this point. Battlefield 4 is still getting support, Battlefield Hardline came out 8 months ago, and Battlefront is 6 months from release.

Battlefield 5 probably won't be shown off til 2016.

Mr-Zex2387d ago

"Battlefield Hardline came out 8 months ago" Man I am not sure where you've came from but I think March was only 2 months ago.

Regardless I agree, but I hope dice support BF4 for another two years at least, the core game is good they just need to tweak and tinker it netcode wise a hell of a lot more before they even decide to release BF5.

Here's to hoping Battlefront actually has decent netcode and no bugs.

Donkey8882387d ago

Just because BF4 is still getting support has nothing to do with it. Hardline came out two months ago, not eight. What are you smoking? Ill have some of whatever hes having.

Pandamobile2387d ago

My bad, I only played the beta. Forgot it ended up getting delayed til March.

Point still stands, Battlefront + Hardline coming out in the same year means that BF5 isn't getting any spotlight til next year.

Solid_Penguin-642386d ago

Is BF4 worth buying now? Looking at the EA sale on psn and the premium edition is only £22 (base game included).

Father__Merrin2383d ago

Why have the lag spikes not been fixed, I've checked bf4 forums and it's the same for many.

I never had issues with it before what gives? I used to play this pretty smoothly with a fx4300/r7265 ages ago then all of a sudden around hardline launch lag spikes started.

I've recently plugged in fd6300w/7890oc and still it's the same