MotorStorm's Mud Pool

Easily one of the most anticipated post-launch PlayStation 3 games, MotorStorm looks to infuse offroad racing with a tall order of chaos and a plentiful helping of carnage. While many people have gotten a taste of the game either at in-store kiosks or via the downloadable PlayStation Store demo, no one has yet gotten to see more than one or two of the title's tracks and environments - until yesterday, that is...

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DJ4334d ago

They definitely need to put this updated demo in the Kiosks.

Antan4334d ago

Exellent! it does seem as the weeks have gone by, every buid has gotten better and better, particulary in the framerate dept! only one time they reckoned in this preview?. Can only be a good thing though i`d rather judge myself. The delay in europe may of been a blessing in disguise to be honest. The developers have gotten more from the ps3 in the last 2 month or so, if this would be the case for other devs (F1 continues to impress with every build, HS likewise), then the european launch will be the best out of the 3 (not to difficult of course!!). Im hopeful at best.

Ravenator5294332d ago

why this game looks so much better in the screenshots then it did when I played it in HD?

Don't get me wrong, the game still looked excellent but for some reason, these screenshots look better than the actual game.

The screenshots make me say WOW! While the game itself wasn't anything too special IMO.

Maybe the actual game looks better than the demo.