EA extends Take-Two Offer for the Fifth Time

With another deadline in EA's takeover bid come and gone, the industry's #2 publisher isn't quitting and has reaffirmed it still wants to gobble up Take-Two by extending its $25.74 per share offer deadline to Aug 18. EA currently has only 15% of Take-Two's stock, which translates to 11,741,339 shares. Obviously, EA needs over half the shares to complete the takeover.

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Montrealien3836d ago

slowly but surely EA will get what they want.

simmcity3836d ago

Scary part about it is that EA is actually making some sort of progress. They went from having 8% Take-Two stock to 15%.

deeznuts3836d ago

They need to stop "extending" and just do a good till cancelled offer.

TheColbertinator3836d ago

I wish the fanboys would join forces to stop these guys

Sangria3836d ago

I don't think Take Two will resist. Shareholders may put a high pressure over there. Who will be the next?

Topshelfcheese3836d ago

It's only a matter of time now, TakeTwo's stock has been going down, its currently at like 24.66 which is a over a dollar less than the offer. Come Aug 21st this will be over, cause EA will raise their offer and snatch up the last 30-35% they need.

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