PS4 Slim At E3 2015: Features That Would Make The PlayStation 4 Slim Rock

About a couple of months back, rumors of a PS4 Slim were afloat, suggesting that Sony is readying itself to nail the Xbox One once more. Of course, Xbox One Slim rumors were quick to follow, and then, we had leaked renders of the PS4 Slim (authenticity unconfirmed) and Xbox One Slim soon after.

Now, those rumors said that the PlayStation 4 Slim would be announced at this year's E3. E3 2015 is barely a month away. So if Sony is indeed going to drop the bomb, what are you hoping to see in the console refresh?

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Germany71304d ago

But, it's already slim. :D

DarkOcelet1304d ago

I wonder how the super slim will look like, maybe in the size of the slim PS1.

WilDRangeRfc1304d ago

I think a slim version of both systems will be released fourth quater 2017 at the earliest,way too soon as both are still selling well,especially the PS4.
When sales start to slow down then slim will become reality,far too early at the moment